Prince O3 Red MP+ Prestrung Tennis Racquet

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Prince O3 Red MP+ Prestrung Tennis Racquet

The ultimate tweener racquet for players of all skill levels, the Prince O3 Red mid-plus prestrung racquet offers a balanced blend of playability and control. The O3 Red is outfitted with Prince’s O-Port technology, which replaces traditional pin-sized string holes with revolutionary giant O-Ports. This creates a super-aerodynamic frame with a more responsive string bed, increasing the sweet spot by 54 percent. This enhanced “sweet zone” helps you hit your best shots more often. Even more impressive, Prince’s engineers were able to do all this without enlarging the racquet head, increasing its length, or adding weight. Specifications:Length: 27.5 inches Head size: 105 square inches Cross section: 23-25-23mm Weight: 9.9 ounces unstrung Balance: 13 inches Power level: 1,100 Swing weight: 285 String pattern: 16 x 19

Pre-Strung Racquet


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