Prince Jr. AirO Ace 25 Tennis Racquet

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Prince Jr. AirO Ace 25 Tennis Racquet

The Prince Jr. AirO Ace 25 tennis racquet is ideal for junior players looking for the perfect blend of comfort and control. The AirO Ace 25 is outfitted with Prince’s AirO technology, which replaces traditional pin-sized string holes with large grommets at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. This creates total string freedom and an expanded sweet spot, producing a livelier response across the entire swing bed. As a result, players will hit their best shots more often, including faster and more accurate serves, more controlled volleys, and more penetrating ground strokes. The grommets also act as “wind tunnels” to reduce aerodynamic drag, creating a quick and maneuverable frame that produces a faster swing speed. Specifications:Head size: 107 square inches Length: 25 inches Weight: 8.3 ounces unstrung Composition: Fusionlite Alloy O-Beam Grip: 4-inch Technigrip About Prince From its origin as a manufacturer of tennis ball machines, Prince has proven itself to b (more…)

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