Lobster Sports Elite 3 Battery Ball Machine

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Lobster Sports Elite 3 Battery Ball Machine

Lobster Elite Three Battery Ball Machine Designed for maximum durability, the battery-operated Lobster Elite Three Ball Machine offers an unparalleled 4-8 hours of court time. Its ergonomic design allows for easy transport with a full hopper (150 balls). The Elite’s 80 MPH ground strokes, full corner-to-corner random oscillation, sky-high lobs, and heavy spin will take your game to new levels. Features triple oscillation: not only does this machine sweep randomly from left to right, but it also oscillates vertically, giving you short and deep shots in a random pattern, Experience a machine that simulates match-play with horizontal and vertical oscillation together with two versatile, pre-programmed options for narrow and wide forehand and backhand sweeping shots.You can even combine vertical and two-line oscillation to adjust the depth of your two-line drill! This machine will challenge all of your strokes, not just your forehand and backhand with its narrow an (more…)

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