Head Liquidmetal 4 Tennis Racquet

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Head Liquidmetal 4 Tennis Racquet


The game of tennis is changing, and one of Head’s key goals is to create specific technologies that ideally fit players’ varied needs. That’s why the company developed Liquidmetal technology, a revolutionary new material that produces a unique blend of power and control. The unique Liquidmetal atomic structure is 2-1/2 times stronger than titanium and delivers 29 percent more power. That means faster serves, better returns, and superior volleys. The secret to Liquidmetal’s performance is its liquid atomic structure, which does not deform on impact. This allows Liquidmetal racquets to efficiently utilize the pure energy of each ball impact rather than losing it during the swing. Head takes full advantage of Liquidmetal by applying it to four strategic areas of the Liquidmetal 4′s head, letting you power through the ball with confidence. The Liquidmetal 4 racquet also employs several other Head technologies. The racquet’s Total Sweetspot Construction (TSC), f (more…)

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