Tennis Hoodie

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Tennis Hoodie


Hooded Tennis Sweatshirt

Stay warm with our Tennis 2 Hoodie Hanes Ultimate Cotton Pullover Hood. Constructed with a heavyweight 90/10 cotton/polyester blend. Thick (but not bulky), comfortable, durable and guaranteed.

  • 10.1 oz. patented PrintPro ® fabric in a 90/10 cotton/polyester blend
  • Standard fit
  • Spandex trim in cuffs and waistband



Tennis Bumper Stickers and Magnets

Everyone loves to show off their favorite sport on the back of their vehicle.   We have  hundreds of the coolest tennis   bumper sticker and magnet designs for you to choose from – All tennis related…

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Bucket of Foam Balls

I know that these balls are mostly used for the Quick Start tennis program, but honestly I have players of all ages that enjoy practicing with these  foam balls are softball size.    
They are ideal for beginning players on 36-foot courts in “10 and Under Tennis” Programs.   These foam balls are designed for durability, consistent bounce and rebound to an appropriate height for the youngest of players.   They come as a set of 6, 12 or a case of 144.  
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Tennis Religious Keychains

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Set of 4 Tennis Religious Keychains
From Roman Inc. Item #15289
The keychains depict tennis rackets, tennis balls & net in the center, with the words “Loyalty”, “Discipline”, “Leadership”, and “Teamwork” surrounding them- four very important qualities to have as a tennis player.

On the back of this tennis keychain is a cross is engraved into the metal.

Dimensions: 4.25″H x 0.9″W
Materials: Pewter
Come with a clip and keyring for attachment.


Junior Tournaments

Junior Tournaments are a wonderful tool to help any child build their USTA ranking and gain experience in playing the game. Too many times, parents fall in the “lesson trap” and are convinced that their child needs hundreds of lessons which cost thousands of dollars. Once your child has the basics, knows how to keep score and has practiced how to actually play the game, then he or she is ready to enter the tournament circuit.

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Winning Rotations Book

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Winning Rotations is an event organizer’s dream come true. Nearly every conceivable rotation is covered for team rotations or individual sport tournaments. Comes complete with copy machine ready sign-up and score sheets. Since Winning Rotations was originally produced as a tennis-specific resource, there is also a chapter with 50 creative event ideas. Spiral bound hardcover on durable double-thick paper for years of use.


Ball Machines

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There are many various types of ball machines that you can invest in. Probably the ones that make the most sense are the portable models that you can place in your car easily and take to the public tennis courts. You’ll want to make sure it’s light weight, easy to carry and runs on rechargable batteries.

A ball machine can be very useful for a player who is serious about becoming a better player. If you want to work on one particular shot like a forehand, backhand or volley, you can set the ball machine to hit you ground strokes or short balls or a variation of both.


Lobster Ball Machines

PlayMate Ball Machines

Sports-Tudor Ball Machines

Tennis Tournament Tips for Juniors – Mental Composure

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Mental Composure for Competition

So you’ve been taking lessons and you’re ready to try your hand at tournaments.   Great !!   Whether you’re a junior player or an adult, tennis tournaments are a wonderful experience.

For junior players there is no better way to teach a child about fair play, being honest and having integrity.   As a junior player you must learn from a young age how to hold your composure.   If you don’t learn this early on and you have an uncontrollable temper on the court, you will not be a successful player and competitor.   You can still play tournaments, but tennis can be an extremely mental game and if you are not focused, then your doomed right from the start.

If you’ve been taking lessons, hopefully your coach has been working on your “mental game”.     If he or she hasn’t, then go to your next lesson and ask your coach how you can begin to work on your mental game.   Once you’ve learned composure and you do not frustrate easily, then we can take it to the next step.

The US Open Book

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Each year, the US Open brings down the curtain on the Grand Slam Tennis season with its unique blend of sports, celebrity, and entertainment, providing fans the world over with a spectacular showcase for the very best of tennis.”The Open Book” is a visually stunning celebration of the sport and spectacle of the US open. On display are champions at their best and brightest – captured in vivid images from some of the world’s leading sports photographers – including legendary trailblazers Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe, fan favourites Jimmi Connors and Andre Agassi, loveable bad-boy John McEnroe, and modern greats Pete Sampras and Roger Federer.   Read more…

Tennis Shots: The Drop Shot

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For players with anything other than the ultimate level of mobility around the court, one of the recurring nightmares which prevents them getting a night’s sleep must be the thought of facing a player blessed with a good drop shot. This shot may be one of the most frustrating to face when playing an opponent who knows how to hit it. If hit correctly and at the right time, a drop shot is unplayable.

The idea behind the shot is that it is hit with little pace just over the net. On passing over the net, it will literally “drop” just inside the opponent’s court and pretty much stop dead. Even if it does bounce a little, the angle of the shot required to get it back will be beyond all but the most gifted opponent.

The key to hitting the perfect drop shot is believed to be “soft hands”, which entails slackening one’s grip on the racket at exactly the moment of impact, allowing the racquet to absorb more of the force of the shot and take much of the pace off the ball. This in turn means the bounce on the other side of the net will be lower.

Frequently, a drop shot will be played on the volley, known as a “drop volley”. Although this shot existed long before his time in the game, John McEnroe is believed to have turned it into an art form, making him arguably the greatest serve-volley player of all time.

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