Tennis Tournament Tips for Juniors – Mental Composure

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Mental Composure for Competition

So you’ve been taking lessons and you’re ready to try your hand at tournaments.   Great !!   Whether you’re a junior player or an adult, tennis tournaments are a wonderful experience.

For junior players there is no better way to teach a child about fair play, being honest and having integrity.   As a junior player you must learn from a young age how to hold your composure.   If you don’t learn this early on and you have an uncontrollable temper on the court, you will not be a successful player and competitor.   You can still play tournaments, but tennis can be an extremely mental game and if you are not focused, then your doomed right from the start.

If you’ve been taking lessons, hopefully your coach has been working on your “mental game”.     If he or she hasn’t, then go to your next lesson and ask your coach how you can begin to work on your mental game.   Once you’ve learned composure and you do not frustrate easily, then we can take it to the next step.

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